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. Laptop repair courses

Micro India Technologies happens to be amongst the most well-known institutes in India that provide chip-level laptop repairing courses for the benefit of the students. We have lots of experience in this particular department and will offer top-quality course content. The students will be provided with the best equipment as well as world-class labs. We will provide the students with the most recent techniques as well as chip-level repairing techniques that will help them to tackle any issue without any problem whatsoever. Our laptop repair course has been designed in such a manner that it will be effective for you to generate money in the long run. After completing the course successfully and getting certification, it will be possible for the students to procure a job virtually anywhere very easily, particularly at one of the most well-known MNC companies in India. Our company will provide comprehensive assistance to the students in getting a job.

An individual having a strong determination and learning capacity will be able to join our chip-level repairing course. Even though you might be a fresher, 10th pass, 12th pass, or a non-graduate, and you have a strong determination, you will be able to grab this opportunity very easily. We will offer a solid foundation for you regarding laptop repair which will help you to make a lucrative career in the repair department.

The good thing is that we do not charge exorbitant rates to the students for providing them with education. On the other hand, our fees are quite reasonable and affordable which will be within the budget of most of the students out there. It is also possible to pay the fees in monthly installments and there are different fees for different courses provided by us. We believe that educating students is very important at present, and we take all the measures for doing so effectively.

After the completion of this course, it will be possible for you to generate handsome salaries by doing full-time or part-time jobs. On the other hand, you can also start your own business regarding the repairing of laptops or even work with the best MNC companies. Will provide you with online support as well as lifetime technical support. There will be no extra charges for future technical support as well. In case you do have any issues, our customer service department will take care of them without any problem. Our trainees are quite experienced and educated for imparting proper education to the students. In case you do skip any particular class, it is possible for you to take it at any time since we have backup provisions for these types of classes without any extra charges. We are also known to provide online training by means of live video chats. In case you have any questions, then feel free to call us at +91 9007777983.

. Mobile repair courses

Our company has started an advanced program for smartphone repairing courses for novices and experts in Kolkata in recent times. This course is intended for those individuals who have a passion for learning deeply about the repairing of smartphones and other sophisticated devices. It will assist you in learning how to repair all types of mobile devices and tablets effectively while making you an expert mobile repair technician. The courses provided by us consist of both software and hardware repairs with the assistance of the most recent and advanced machines and tools. The practice commences with basic principles of electronics and it can also go up to advanced levels of troubleshooting different problems. Following this, there is no doubt that you will become an expert when it comes to smartphone repair.

The most notable thing is that we will provide you with 100% placement as well as a business support guarantee which implies that will assist you in starting your personal service center following the completion of the course. You will also have comprehensive market knowledge of the different components and tools of mobile devices. Our Institute will provide you with top-quality training with 100% placement assurance as well.

We are aware of the fact that time matters a lot in our everyday life. Therefore, we try to cover the entire course within a short time so that you can start earning money very quickly. Numerous students have benefited from this course provided by our Institute at Micro India Technologies, and you also will be one of them. Our customer support team will also provide you with 24 hours assistance in case you are confronted with some issues while attending the course. We listen to all your doubts and also clear them with the help of our competent experts.

It is possible for any fresher without any experience or knowledge regarding repairing to join our course when it comes to mobile repairing. Moreover, an individual having knowledge regarding smartphone repairing can also join this training course for sharpening their skills in terms of smartphone repairing. We’ll provide them with basic as well as advanced level courses so that they can become proficient technicians in the near future.

. MacBook repair courses

Besides laptop and smartphone repair courses, our institution also provides comprehensive MacBook repair courses for the benefit of the students. After the completion of this course, it will be possible for you to troubleshoot and repair 90% of the MacBook hardware issues in a timely manner without any problem at all. In this way, there is no need to bring the device to the Apple service center, and this will also help to save your money since Apple support can be quite expensive in the long run. You are really thanking yourself after completing the course since it will enable you to your MacBook on your own without taking the help of anyone else. Our course will teach you all the troubleshooting and repair techniques that will assist you in becoming a talented repair professional.

Apart from training comprehensively, we also provide guidance and technical support to all the students out there. There’s no wonder that our Institute is considered to be one of the most effective MacBook repairing institutes in India. Students from all over the country have enrolled in our institution over the years. Our course is for the short term and it will help anybody that wants to make a quick career in this fast-paced world. Therefore, anybody who likes to have a successful profession in his life will not hesitate in joining this course provided by Micro India Technologies.

Why it is a good idea to join our AC repairing course?

There is no doubt that there is an increasing demand for AC Mechanics everywhere in India and across the globe. One will be able to start his own business after completing an AC repairing course or one can also find a lucrative job as well. A typical AC mechanic will be able to earn somewhere between 2 – 3 lakhs per year at present. Their primary responsibilities will be to install, repair, and also maintain the AC units on a regular basis so that their customers are satisfied in the long run.
At present, different types of AC certification courses are provided which will be quite beneficial for the students. These courses consist of certification courses, undergraduate-level courses, as well as diploma courses. Here, we like to mention that our Institute will provide you with authentic AC repairing courses that will help you to achieve your dreams without fail. It’ll be possible for the students to join the advanced courses after completing their diploma courses. We will also conduct entrance examinations before providing admissions to the students for this particular course mentioned here. We do not charge any exorbitant rates for providing these courses which will be beneficial for the students.
This course provided by our institution will allow you to start your career as an AC repairing technician so that you can earn good money for sustaining your livelihood. We will provide you with the best AC repairing course that will be quite helpful to you over time. After completing this course, you will be able to perform the installation and repair of the AC units without any problem whatsoever. In this way, a huge opportunity will open for you to prosper in your career in the best possible way. We will provide you with the proper certification for completing this course as well.
Benefits of joining the AC repairing course
As already mentioned, there is a huge demand for AC repair technicians at present. Moreover, there are certain benefits of joining this course which we have mentioned right here. It is very simple to understand the ins and outs of repairing an AC unit once you are able to complete this course provided by our Institute. You simply need to be dedicated and passionate about learning this course and that’s all. We’ll do the rest for you. You don’t require any special education for pursuing this course as well. Only a class X degree will help you to join the course in a streamlined manner. 
Moreover, our course is of short duration and you need not pay high fees for that as well. Compared to the majority of the other institutes, we do not force the students to complete the course according to our rules and regulations. One will be able to pursue this course according to his convenient time. You simply have to inform us regarding the time that is best for you to study this course and we will provide you with proper training and guidance that will help you considerably after a few years. If you were planning to start a business of your own then you can easily do so after completing this course within the specified span of time. You can do this by investing a small amount of capital that you can afford without any problem at all.
Why is it a good idea to get enrolled in our institution?
We will provide you with lots of benefits after you end up completing this course. Some of these benefits have been mentioned below.
•    Opportunities for jobs – As already mentioned, you can start your profession in the private as well as government sectors after the completion of this course. Furthermore, you will be able to start your own business as well. It is up to you to decide which way you want to advance your profession in the near future. But one thing is certain this profession will provide you with good money eventually that can be useful to you in various ways.
•    High salaries – It is a fact that an AC technician will be able to earn approximately INR 3 lakhs every year in India which should be sufficient for him to sustain his livelihood. And, the good thing is that there will be an increment in salaries with the advent of time as well.
•    Development of career – One can expect that there will be a huge increment in the demands of AC repair mechanics in the near future. Therefore, one will be able to enhance his professional after completing this course to a great extent. Furthermore, there will be also a promotion in one's profession after working in this field for a few years.
•    Unique experience – It’ll be possible for you to work as a part of a team while working as an AC repair technician. In this way, one will have a unique experience that one might not find while pursuing any other course.
Our company will provide you with theoretical as well as practical training while imparting the lessons to you. We will teach you how to have proper communication skills, practical skills, presentation skills, as well as ability to take initiative. There is a huge scope for enhancing your career after you complete this course from our institution. You will get the opportunity of working in educational institutions, residential homes, workplaces, hospitals, as well as factories. On top of this, this course will also help you with the opportunity of moving into teaching, design consultancy, or beginning your own business. After the completion of this course, you may also go for higher studies for enhancing your career in the best possible way.
Therefore, do not give it any second thoughts and join our course right today. We are eager to provide you with proper AC repair and installation lessons at an extremely low rate that you will not find anywhere else. Moreover, our institution is running for quite some time and has already helped numerous students over the years. Therefore, you can be assured of the fact that we will help you to shine in your life in the best possible way. 

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